Scholarship Selection Committee Resources

Thank you for serving on a selection committee for one of the Foundation’s scholarship funds. The Foundation's online scholarship management system streamlines the application and review process. 

Please see below for some helpful information to learn more about your role as a selection committee member.

Before it is time to review applications, what can I do to help?

Please share the application link. Throughout the scholarship season, staff promotes your scholarship. Please feel free to share the application link ( with your contacts and network.

Watch for communication from the scholarship chair about a meeting date and time. If your application is online, you may simply review applications through the online portal without participating in a physical meeting. Make sure you communicate with your committee regarding your review process and timeline.

All Selection Committee Members must complete the Individual Confidentiality Form. This form should be completed prior to reviewing scholarship applications. If you are on more than one committee, please complete a separate form for each committee in which you serve.

Learn about the online reviewing portal, by watching this video.

It’s time to review applications. What do I need to know?

Applications are accepted online, and our system ensures each applicant is qualified for your scholarship. The day after your scholarship deadline you will receive an email that provides you access to the applications for your review. 

Start reviewing scholarship applications. Once logged into the scholarship portal, you can start reviewing applications. It might be helpful to watch this video.

Work with your scholarship committee to review applicants and select your scholarship recipients. The online application and review process does not require you to change any aspect of your decision process. 

We've selected our scholarship recipient(s). Now what? 

After you have selected scholarship recipients, the Selection Committee Chair must complete the form below. 

Scholarship Timeline

Application opens February 1
Application deadline April 1
Award notifications sent April 30
Deadline to accept or defer July 15
Scholarship check mailed July 15
Back-up recipients awarded July 15
Back-up deadline to accept or defer August 15
Back-up checks mailed August 15
Regret letters sent August 15

Please contact us if you have any questions.