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Funding educational dreams


Since 2008, Austin Community Foundation has helped distribute over $7.1 million in scholarship awards to 3,210 aspiring and current students. We partner with community leaders, philanthropists and educators to support the educational goals of students as well as the charitable wishes of our donors.

2022 At A Glance


Total scholarships 


Total amount awarded

$250 – $25,000

Scholarship range


First-generation college students


Awarded to students attending Texas postsecondary schools


Recipients residing in Central Texas



The University of Texas at Austin

“Throughout my whole life, financial stability has been a harsh obstacle my family and I have had to face. It has been the number one concern when it came to my college and career decision. Once I received this scholarship, everything changed for the better. I no longer have to be worried about financial stress, and I can put all my energy and effort into my pure love of learning. I can put all of my attention on becoming an accountant and helping lower-income communities achieve financial stability. For that, I cannot thank you enough. You have changed the trajectory of my life.” 


Austin Community College

“I’m a mother of 3 young kids, and I am working hard to obtain a college degree. My goal is to get an Associate’s Degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant at Austin Community College. These funds will truly relieve some of the financial strain of my time in college and allow me to focus on pursuing my education. I know that finishing this degree will completely change my life and allow me to become financially stable and independent. It will also give me the chance to give my children a safe and stable future.” 


The University of Texas at Austin

“By awarding me this scholarship, you have more than alleviated and lightened the financial burden that a college education would have placed on my family. Without having to worry about the financial strain that comes with attending college, I can direct my focus and time on succeeding in my studies at UT Austin. Thank you again for your generosity and support. I hope to give back to my community just as you have generously given to me.” 

Student Data

Data represents students who were awarded a scholarship through ACF’s online application.




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