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ACF Women's fund

Why we exist

The Women’s Fund was founded in 2004 to focus on the needs of women and children in Central Texas. At the time, there was a lack of philanthropic support targeting the unique needs of women and no comprehensive data tracking their well-being. Since then, we’ve seen that the most pressing issues in our community are the racial wealth and health divide faced by women of color.

We know that investing in a woman has a proven ripple effect, benefiting not just her family but her greater community. Guided by this vision, we engage our whole community in closing the opportunity gap for women and children in Central Texas.

How it works

We’re a giving network for those passionate about improving life in Central Texas for women and their children.

Our work is driven by data and community voice. To that end, the Women’s Fund makes nonprofit grants in the impact areas listed below to support the economic security of women in Central Texas.

Since its founding, the Women’s Fund has granted over $3 million to more than 100 local nonprofits.

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We invest in the following impact areas:


Invest in affordable housing opportunities for women that include a network of support and/or opportunities for long-term wealth building.


Expand access to safe, quality, culturally competent and affordable child care that is conveniently located for families with low incomes.


Provide access to an ecosystem of support—financial, emotional, and academic—for women pursuing educational dreams.


Increase access to consumable, unbiased pregnancy prevention resources and reduce health disparities faced by women of color.

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Women’s Issues are Community Issues.

2023 status report on women and children in Central Texas.

Steering Committee

  • Kim Storin, Chair
  • Brooke Freeland, Chair-Elect
  • Patti Hixon, Grants Chair
  • Kavya Nath, Grants Chair-Elect
  • Jennifer Long, Programs & Engagement Chair
  • Beth Goff McMillan, Fundraising Chair
  • Jessica Weaver, Board Liaison
  • Sujata Ajmera
  • Maria Amelia Calaf
  • Helen Bryan
  • Sun Connor
  • Marcia Del Rios
  • Robin Fremont
  • Shelby Goodrum
  • Jane Louis
  • Madonna Matta
  • Amanda McGuckin Hager
  • Jessica Sager
  • Pavi Sandeep

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“Being part of the Women’s Fund is the most effective way to understand the issues facing Central Texas women and support the local organizations making a difference.”

Patti Hixon
2023 Grants Chair