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Why we exist

The Black Fund exists to unleash the power of Black-led organizations and uplift solutions to benefit the Black community in Central Texas. Driven by data and community voice, we strive for an equitable, just society that nurtures the growth, economic mobility, and wellness of Black people.

Our theory of change

If we invest in Black-led organizations by creating a fund that helps all Black leaders thrive, then Black-led organizations will scale, we will have an equitable system in which Black people can thrive, disparate outcomes will decrease, and Black-led organizations will be fully empowered to contribute to a more sustainable community that benefits all people.

We invest in the following impact areas:


The Black Fund will invest in programs and organizations that directly invest in the creative and cultural contributions of Black artists of all kinds as a means of expressing, celebrating, preserving, and advancing the legacy of Black people.


The Black Fund will invest in educational initiatives and spaces that support successful outcomes for Black people.


The Black Fund will invest in initiatives and organizations that advance the mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellness of Black Central Texans.


The Black Fund will invest in urgent, emergent, and ongoing initiatives and organizations that harness the collective power of Black people as a means of challenging, redesigning, or uprooting systems to continually move us towards an equitable society.


The Black Fund will invest in initiatives and organizations that close the racial wealth gap for Black Central Texans by providing an ecosystem of support resulting in increased individual and shared growth and prosperity.

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Centering the Experience:
Black-led Nonprofits in Austin

An evaluation of the needs and priorities of Austin’s Black-led nonprofits and how to mobilize resources to support and further their work.

  • Colette Pierce Burnette, Ed.D.
  • Kendra Garrett
  • Jameila “Meme” Styles


Campaign Co-Chairs
  • Terry P. Mitchell
  • Pamela Benson Owens
Steering Committee
  • Pamela Benson Owens
  • Patrick Felder
  • Kendra Garrett
  • Ashleigh Hamilton
  • Joyce James
  • TiWanna Kenney
  • Wayne Knox
  • Christopher McAllister
  • Terry P. Mitchell
  • Rashanna Moss
  • Tiffany Smith
  • Jameila “Meme” Styles
  • Bill Wallace
  • Dr. Melva K. Wallace
  • Wendolyn Washington

Thank you to our donors.

  • Erin Ajayi
  • Christin Alvarado
  • Jessica Ambriz
  • Paulina Artieda
  • AnaMichele Babyak
  • Amy Bell
  • Maria Bell
  • Maurice Benson
  • James Bradburn
  • Robin Bradford
  • Aubrey Braglia
  • Kay Wolking Bratton & Richard Bratton
  • Johannes & Liza Brinkmann
  • Joshua Brown
  • Kevin and Sandra Brown
  • Emilee Bunker
  • Kiwi Camara
  • Bob and Laura Campbell
  • Rebecca Campbell
  • Jim & Diane Cano
  • Allison Carmichael
  • Carter Law Firm
  • Juliana Castillo
  • Edward Cates
  • Kristin Chiles
  • Nancy Clark
  • Common Good Community Dev. Inc.
  • Christina Corona
  • Brian Crozier
  • Crutch & Danna Crutchfield
  • Lawton Cummings
  • Becca Dejean
  • Marcia Del Rios
  • Estevan Daniel Delgado
  • Deloitte Foundation
  • Loyce & Greg Dettman
  • Diversity Equity Inclusiveness Consulting LLC
  • Lynne Dobson and Greg Wooldridge
  • Laura Donnelly
  • JC Dwyer
  • Brady Eaton
  • Lynn Eaton
  • Diane Espinoza
  • Mariah Fambro
  • Parisa Fatehi-Weeks
  • William Patrick Felder
  • Rebecca Feronti
  • Tamara Fields
  • Madi Finley
  • Shaleiah Fox
  • Brooke & Peter Freeland
  • Liz Garcia, PhD
  • Cristina Garza
  • Kelly Geary
  • Mike Geeslin
  • Libby Gillen
  • Cathy and Mike Godfrey
  • Justin and Angela Godfrey
  • Jill Goodman
  • Genia Hale
  • Antonio Harmon
  • Judge Denise & Kris Hernández
  • Andrea Herrera Moreno
  • Cy Herrera
  • Holly Herrick
  • Claire Hopkins
  • Natalie Houchins
  • Brett & Debra Hurt
  • Chris Hyams and Lize Burr
  • Indeed
  • Damon Johnson
  • Martin Jones
  • Trennis Jones
  • Peniel Joseph
  • Joyce James Consulting
  • Christopher Kennedy
  • TiWanna Kenney
  • Maia Landrum
  • Jared Lindauer
  • Judge Lora Livingston
  • Jeanne Loar
  • Meagan & Bill Longley
  • Bobbie Mack
  • Mary Walker and Mark Interrante
  • Matt and Aylin Thomas
  • Lance McByers
  • Justin McClain
  • Edward and Catherine McHorse
  • Courtney McKinney
  • Measure
  • Darren Melonson
  • MFI Foundation
  • Michael Miller
  • Lais Milburn
  • David & Anne Morley
  • Anna & Jason Near
  • Melita Noël
  • Christine Norton
  • Notley Ventures
  • Patricia Orlosky
  • Pamela & Arlyn Owens
  • Jason and Jennifer Parkman
  • Anthony Pavich
  • Mary Anne Phelps
  • Coralie & Jim Pledger
  • Ashley Prevost
  • Alex Pufan
  • Q2 Software
  • Mando Rayo
  • James & Patricia Ringelstetter
  • Leenolia Robinson
  • Greg Rosenbaum
  • Kerry Rupp
  • Scott & Jeanmarie Rust
  • Andrew Sernovitz & Julie Grisham
  • Shamapant Family Foundation
  • Tracye Shaw
  • Jacquelyn Shillis
  • Sherice Simko
  • St. David’s Foundation
  • Rachel Stone
  • Stephen & Tina Straus
  • Missy Strittmatter
  • Meme & Cliffton Styles
  • TaterQue
  • Cassandra Terrell
  • The Honor Roll
  • Matthew Thomas
  • Seanette Ting
  • University United Methodist Church
  • Julia Von Alexander
  • Michael Wassenaar
  • Andy & Karen White
  • Joelle Williams
  • Amy Willson
  • Ashley Wilson
  • Mary Wilson
  • Rodney Wilson
  • Dana Winer
  • Doreen Wise
  • Holly Wissmann
  • Max Yancy

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