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The Stand With Austin Fund awarded $687,500 in grant funding to 15 nonprofit organizations.

The Stand With Austin Fund was established in partnership with the Entrepreneurs Foundation to support nonprofits assisting individuals and small businesses most negatively impacted by the cancellation of SXSW and least able to recover on their own.


Grant Partners

  • Austin Film Society, $17,500
  • Austin International Drag Foundation, $10,000
  • Big Medium, $20,000
  • Black Fret, $50,000
  • #bossbabesATX, $10,000
  • Front Steps, $25,000
  • Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, $75,000
  • Housing Opportunities for Musicians & Entertainers, $20,000
  • Long Center for the Performing Arts, $10,000
  • Mexic-Arte Museum, $15,000
  • PeopleFund, $200,000
  • Red River Cultural District, $55,000
  • Six Square Black Cultural Arts District, $50,000
  • Southern Smoke Foundation, $80,000
  • Workers Defense Project, $50,000


AFS plans to set aside a pool of funds for Austin filmmakers that had a feature-length film set for a world premiere at SXSW. From that pool, grants will be made ranging from $3,000 – $5,000 per filmmaker, to be used to revamp publicity packages to present filmmaker’s work directly to the industry in a number of possible settings.

This funding allows Austin International Drag Foundation to award rental/living assistance stipends of $500 each. Eligibility will be limited to artists from the Austin International Drag Festival Class of 2018 and Class of 2019 rosters.

Big Medium’s Artist Relief Fund will award unrestricted grants of $500, $1,000, and $1,500 per artist or group per round, based on self-identified financial need of the applicant, with multiple rounds of applications contingent upon available funds.

Black Fret will create 100 online performance opportunities (streamed from artist’s home) each of which will pay $500 in compensation directly to the hired band. 100% of funds provided from Stand With Austin will go directly to the selected musicians and be distributed by the end of Q2 2020. All performances will be scheduled by the end of Q3 2020.

bossbabesatx has been working to bring two major relief efforts online, based on the experiences of their program participants. These relief efforts include virtual programs and resource distribution for the freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creatives in bossbabesatx’s programs facing losses and a digital marketplace for 50+ small business owners who have reported significant losses from SXSW’s cancellation.

During this unprecedented time, Beerland, a neighboring small business, has supported Front Steps by hiring its clients to help them earn money, build skills, and move toward stable housing. This funding helps prepay for a donor event at Beerland and provides their team assets during this extended stretch of lost revenue.

HAAM’s Basic Needs Assistance Program provides lifesaving basic needs, including food, prescription medication, monthly insurance premium assistance, and comprehensive precision navigation to community resources.

Housing Opportunities for Musicians and Entertainers is committed to offering emergency grants of $500 each to qualifying musicians. HOME plans to work with HAAM to identify musicians most in need of funding and support.

Funding supports the Long Center’s online platform, Create in Place, which connects Austinites with local talent, and allows artists to receive compensation for their work despite the cancellation of SXSW and closure of live music venues.

This funding will support Mexic-Arte’s artists, contractors, creatives, and staff affected by the cancelation of SXSW 2020 by providing funds to continue work and contracts.

This grant allows PeopleFund to provide 90-day deferments to every existing client that needs help. PeopleFund is also raising grants to cover the interest and principal payments of those severely impacted by the crisis.

Funding for the Red River Cultural District supports the venue workers, musicians, creatives, service industry and production workers that rely on regular programming and continual income to survive.

Six Square aims to leverage this grant to create a bridge for artists, projects, and Black-owned businesses in order to sustain them through this time of uncertainty.

Funding from Stand With Austin will be granted through Southern Smoke Foundation to individuals in the bar and restaurant industry in the Austin area, including owners, servers, chefs, cooks, suppliers, distillers, bartenders, and support staff.

Funding from Stand with Austin enables the Workers Defense Project to create a new fund designated specifically for service and hospitality workers who have been impacted by the cancellation of SXSW.



  • Abilitie
  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • Capital Factory
  • Chris Hyams & Lize Burr
  • Chris Mattson
  • Coon Family Foundation
  • Convey
  • C3 Presents
  • Darla & Jason Cohen
  • Debra & Brett Hurt
  • Eugene Sepulveda & Steven Tomlinson
  • Joshua & Amy Vail Baer
  • Lisa & Dan Graham
  • Meredith Family Foundation
  • Peter Zandan
  • Phil & Lauren Siegel
  • Mayor Adler & Diane Land
  • Notley Ventures
  • Threshold
  • WP Engine
  • Akina Adderley, Austin-born musician & educator
  • Hoover Alexander, Hoover’s Restaurant
  • Emmett Beliveau, C3 Presents
  • Elaine Garza, Giant Noise
  • Jose Garza, Worker’s Defense Fund
  • Lisa Huddelson, Titos Vodka
  • Jennifer Houlihan, houilUX (formerly Austin Music People)
  • Lynn Meredith, MFI Foundation
  • Mike Nellis, Austin Community Foundation
  • James Russell, on behalf of Mayor Steve Adler
  • Eugene Sepulveda, Entrepreneurs Foundation

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