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We make great things happen together.

Your community foundation is a reflection of the Central Texas area we exist to serve. At Austin Community Foundation, we believe that Austin belongs to all of us and everyone deserves to thrive. Whether you give to our Austin Leadership Fund to support today’s emerging needs or you invest in our future, your gift enriches our community for generations to come.

Special thanks to our Austin Leadership Fund supporters for their generosity >

Austin Leadership Fund Supporters

Donors listed reflect contributions made to the fund between 6/1/21 and 6/1/22.

  • Amy and Trevor Allen
  • Paul and Alice Andrews
  • Anonymous (12)
  • Rebekah Anthony
  • Robert and Margaret Ayres
  • Bobbie Barker
  • Heather and Michael Becker
  • Sarah Bird & George Jones
  • Charles and Charlotte Boyd
  • Alex Brown
  • Kay Brumley
  • Cherrylynn and Ethan Burris
  • Jim and Diane Cano
  • George and Mary Elizabeth Cofer
  • Charlyn and Gerald Daugherty
  • Earl L. and Mattie Lee Milstead Fund
  • David and Joan Evans
  • Erica Faltesek
  • Charles Felger
  • John and Barbara Fibiger
  • William P. Frisbie II
  • Pat Hayes and Judy Corder
  • Larry Hill and Gaye Goforth
  • Beverly Griffith
  • Derric and Kelly Hobbs
  • Marsha Hoffer
  • Dan and Lynn Holland
  • Helen Hopson
  • Jack C. and Lillian B. Adams Permanent Charitable Trust
  • Jacqueline Wheeler Milstead Fund
  • Shashank Jayant
  • James Kidwell
  • Beau Leboeuf
  • Melanie Lewis
  • Jack and Alice London
  • Kate Mackie
  • Magna Pest Solutions
  • Morgan Marshall
  • Beth and Ray Martinez
  • Brianna McKinney
  • Michael D. Metscher, Jr.
  • Susan Moore
  • Marion More
  • Jana Moreno
  • Mr. and Mrs. Leon Stone Fund
  • Dr. Charles B. Mullins
  • Jeanie and Don Murff
  • Anna and Jason near
  • Milam and Victoria Newby
  • Barbara and Robert Norwood
  • Molly O’Hara Leach
  • Jack O’Quin
  • Peggy E. O’Shaughnessy
  • Lolla M. Page
  • Jim and Mary Pendergast
  • Bob Perkins
  • Jean Phillips
  • George and Fran Ramsey
  • Ellen Ray
  • Red Ventures LLC
  • Kit and Stefanie Reisch
  • Tony Rhine
  • Jeffrey Rosenthal
  • Rotary Club of Austin – North by Northwest
  • Vickie Schubert
  • sander and Lottie Shapiro
  • Mike Shea and Toni Wilcox
  • Patrice Shook
  • Steve Shook
  • Tom and Sharon Simmons
  • Brannon and Lathrop Smith
  • Justin Smith
  • Gerald Smolinsky
  • Adam Stanley
  • Frances Stone
  • Glenn & Sarah Stotts
  • Tim and Gail Sulak
  • Drew and Lauren Tate
  • Mark and Naomi Tate
  • Gideon Taub
  • Mary Lib Thornhill III
  • Bill and Danna Volk
  • Jessica and Greg Weaver
  • Linda M. Welsh
  • Andy and Karen White
  • Misty Whited

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