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We make great things happen together.

Austin Community Foundation is able to have an impact in Austin because donors invest in our people and our work. Whether you give to the annual fund to support today’s emerging needs or you invest in our future, your gift enriches our community for generations to come.

Special thanks to our Annual Fund supporters for their generosity >


Annual Fund Supporters

Donors listed reflect contributions made to the annual fund between 1/1/20 and 12/31/20.

  • Amy Adler
  • Paul F. Andrews
  • Anonymous
  • Rebekah Anthony
  • Jared Autrey
  • Anna Battenhouse
  • Amanda Beck Foster (In memory of George More)
  • Benevity Community Impact Fund
  • Gabrielle Benson
  • Better Business Bureau Serving the Heart of Texas (In memory of George More)
  • Big Swell Fund
  • Robert Boney
  • Colin Budd
  • Elizabeth Burr
  • Nichole Byrd
  • Cano Family Fund
  • Don Clinchy
  • Scott Collier
  • Patricia I. Cramer
  • Mark Davis
  • Steve and Jill Davol
  • Charlyn and Gerald Daugherty
  • Derric and Kelly Hobbs Family Fund
  • Sally DiZanza
  • Malcolm Donaldson
  • Earl L. and Mattie Lee Milstead Fund
  • Kathryn Eeds
  • Larry Hill and Gay Goforth
  • Linda Fuerza Kitcher
  • Emily Eisenberg
  • Mary Elzy
  • Craig and Kay Enoch (In memory of George More)
  • Chris Giblin
  • Baile Griffith
  • Matt Hansen
  • Pat Hayes and Judy Corder
  • Daniel and Lynn Holland
  • Joan Hornig
  • Tracey Huguley
  • Jack C. and Lillian B. Adams Permanent Charitable Trust
  • Neville and Jane  Jacobs Family
  • Jacqueline Wheeler Milstead Fund
  • Jeanie and Don Murff Fund
  • Richard Kooris
  • Cindy and Greg Kozmetsky (In memory of George More)
  • Eric Lang
  • Jack and Alice London
  • Jennifer Long
  • Teresa & Joe Long
  • Meagan and Bill Longley
  • Samir Luther
  • Kim McCrary
  • Robin McKeever
  • Sarah and Dean Moor
  • Marion and George More Fund
  • Metscher Family Fund
  • Milam and Tory Newby Family Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Leon Stone Fund
  • Jeanie and Don Murff
  • Jack Nokes
  • Barbara and Robert Norwood
  • O’Quin Family Fund
  • Kelly and John Patterson (In memory of George More)
  • Clift Price
  • George Ramsey
  • Joanne Ravel
  • Ellen Ray
  • Patsy Read (In memory of George More)
  • Erica Renstrom
  • Ceecy Gunn Robinson
  • Eddie Rodriguez
  • Vickie Schubert
  • Shook Family Fund
  • Lathrop Smith
  • Stephanie Smith and Carla Burzyk
  • Glenn and Sarah Stotts
  • Amy Swank
  • Jim Sylvana
  • The Tapestry Foundation
  • Gideon Taub
  • The Brown Family Charitable Fund
  • UT McCombs Venture Fellows (In memory of Melvin Hines)
  • Bill Volk
  • Michelle Wallis
  • Erin Webb
  • Lucy Weberlein
  • Jeff Welsh
  • White Lilacs Fund
  • Misty Whited
  • William “Bill” P. Frisbie Family Fund
  • Mark Williams
  • Custis Wright
  • Anita Sue Wylie
  • Robert Wynn
  • Anne Wynne

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