How We Can Help You

Whether you are an attorney, financial planner, or tax advisor, the Austin Community Foundation can assist you and your clients structure tax-wise gifts that carry out their wishes to create an enduring legacy. We add our expertise to yours to ensure that your client makes educated decisions while selecting from a full range of options.

  • Our status as a public charity provides maximum tax advantages under federal law.
  • We accept a wide variety of assets that not all charities can.
  • We can facilitate even complex forms of giving.


There are many advantages to partnering with us and in most cases our annual fee is more affordable than the costs of a private foundation. One fee covers all of our services. 

“When I can help my client with their philanthropic goals, it strengthens our relationship. I know when I send a client to Austin Community Foundation they will get the help they need to do good things.”

Fred Frey, ML&R Wealth Management

Explore our charitable products and services

What type of fund is best for your client?

A donor advised fund is our most popular giving tool because it provides an immediate charitable gift tax deduction and allows the donor to decide later which nonprofits will benefit. 

What sorts of assets can we accept?

Stock, retirement plan investments, life insurance, real estate, mineral rights and more.