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Which strategy is right for you?

Every donor is unique. No matter your needs or interests, we’re here to help you define and implement your philanthropic vision. View the various types of funds provided by
Austin Community Foundation.

Types of funds

  • Our most popular fund type. Simplify your giving and connect with our community’s most pressing needs. Your gift qualifies for an immediate tax deduction, but you can recommend the causes you wish to support at your convenience. Ideal for individuals and families. $5,000 minimum.

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  • An efficient, cost-effective way to manage your charitable giving on your budget and schedule. Simpler than a traditional donor advised fund, Modern Giving is a web-based solution that allows you to make donations to any nonprofit any time, receive immediate tax deductions, and consolidate documentation. $100 minimum.

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  • Support your favorite charities year after year without ever having to think about your contributions. Designated Funds may be established by an individual, a family, a business or other group of people with shared charitable interests. $5,000 minimum.

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  • Establish a fund that serves your unique interest and passions and supports a broad area of concern(s). Field of Interest Funds provide grants within the overall direction of a donor’s areas of interest. $5,000 minimum.

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  • A cost-effective alternative for individuals and families considering creating a private charitable foundation. Individuals or families can enjoy the customization and control of having their own charitable foundation without the costs and legal requirements of one. $1 million minimum.

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  • An easy and efficient way for your company to give back locally — or to communities around the world. Ideal for companies of all sizes interested in corporate philanthropy programs to make a positive impact.

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  • Allows people to make charitable donations in honor of a life milestone or in memory of an individual by supporting nonprofits or a scholarship.

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  • Make someone’s educational goals a reality and let our expert staff handle the details. Various scholarship fund types are available for individuals, families or corporations. Fund minimums vary.

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  • A fund specifically for nonprofit organizations. We offer two fund options – an endowment fund for those wanting to maintain assets in perpetuity — and an investment fund for organizations wanting to invest assets with more flexibility.

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Spending policy for endowed funds

Endowed funds are subject to the Foundation’s spending policy established by the board of governors with the goal of maintaining the endowment’s purpose in perpetuity. The spending policy provides for a maximum amount available for granting each year and is calculated as 4% of the average trailing twenty quarters of the fund’s market value.

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“By working with ACF, I have faith in knowing my gifts are going where I have intended. ACF helped me organize and formalize my giving in ways I didn’t even know were possible.”-Jim Spates