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By Lexi Bruner

As the Scholarship season winds down, I’m excited to recognize our volunteer scholarship reviewers. These 15 community members dedicated their time and expertise to help select recipients for the 2021 award season. Volunteers unlock our ability to provide financial aid to students in Central Texas and invest in the leaders of tomorrow.

Please join us in thanking this year’s reviewers:

  • Rakhi Agrawal
  • Cari Anderson
  • Christina Bolanos
  • Anna Belle Burleson
  • Samantha Halloran
  • Nicole Haynes
  • Zaira Macegoza
  • Madonna Matta
  • Mollie O’Hara Leach
  • Laurie Painter
  • Paulina Pizarro
  • Meng Qi
  • Larry Shaw
  • Christine Walk
  • Elizabeth Wrona

In addition to reviewing scholarship applications, committee members provided invaluable feedback, which supports our team’s efforts in creating more equitable and accessible programs.

Volunteer feedback played a direct role in updates to our review process, including:

Re-designed scholarship reviewer training, where we explained:
  • The scholarship process and policies
  • Utilizing the scholarship portal
  • Equitable review processes and unconscious bias
Updates to our reviewer rubric with an equity lens, including:
  • Updated scoring areas:  general application essay, academic achievement, alignment with scholarship criteria, and overall rating
  • Modified rubric language and clarifying help text to increase transparency
  • Updated and explained scoring metrics


Get involved

There are always opportunities to get involved with our scholarship program. Please contact scholarships@austincf.org to connect with our team and directly support educational goals in our community!