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The Women's Fund annual evening to convene and invest in women and children across Central Texas, featuring Suzanne Malveaux as this year's keynote speaker. Suzanne is an award-winning journalist who has covered the White House for over 10 years and currently serves as CNN's National Correspondent.

Join us to give visibility to issues affecting women and children while also learning about real solutions. You hold the key to lasting change.

A Woman Speaks: Women’s Fund Breakfast & Grant Awards

"A person’s gender, race, ethnicity, and financial status should not influence someone's chances for success in life." -Ann Beeson, CEO, Center for Public Policy Priorities. 

On May 15, Ann Beeson – a passionate advocate for opportunity and renowned social justice lawyer – shared her perspective on economic security as a strategy for community change to Women's Fund investors, grant partners and community members at the Long Center.

The Women's Fund also celebrated the 2018 Women’s Fund grant recipients in the four focus areas of housing, education, child care and unintended pregnancy prevention.

Learn more about the 2018 Women's Fund grant partners



"The economic security of women in Central Texas is not just a women's issue.  It is OUR issue.  And the time to act is now." Terri Broussard Williams, Keyholder Chair spoke to a crowded Topfer Theatre at ZACH on Dec 5. At Keyholder, the Women's Fund released the 2017 status report of women and children in Central Texas, highlighting that not all Austin-area women have the same access to opportunity. The report highlights that women's issues are community issues, and when women are economically secure, our whole community will thrive. Read the full Womens Issues are Community Issues report.


Surviving to Thriving: Economic Issues for Women in Central Texas

Economic sustainability for a woman and her family is essential for securing present and future success. On May 12th, the Women’s Fund explored data from a recent study released by the Dallas Women’s Foundation on the critical building blocks of economic security. The study looks at policies and practices at the state level, and identifies areas of opportunity where innovation and investment can help women and their families move from surviving to thriving.

The panel consisted of local experts and community leaders who are working to improve the economic security of women through the essential supports of affordable housing and quality child care. Read the full report.

A Woman Speaks: Women's Fund Grantee Breakfast

"When women lead, the world wins," said Lisa Fritsch, keynote speaker of the Women's Fund Grantee Awards Breakfast last month. Fritsch explained that her run for Governor of Texas educated her about how women seeking leadership are often called out for failures that are viewed as strengths in men. Ultimately, her quest to lead brought her to a deeper understanding of herself and her leadership role. Fritsch's remarks set the stage for the announcement of the 2017 Women's Fund grants.
Learn more about Women's Fund grantees.

Gender Matters: Investing in Women Makes Sense

Women make 85% of consumer decisions, so it would make sense that women lead many of the companies selling those products, right? Hardly. In fact, when it comes to entrepreneurship, women are largely absent from the C-suite. At the Women's Fund's Investing in Women: Grant Award Breakfast guests learned some powerful facts about how investing in women delivers a strong return. In short, gender matters.

Keynote speaker Dr. Sara Brand, founding general partner of True Wealth Ventures, a venture capital fund designed to invest in women-led companies, shared her research about the untapped opportunity to invest in women entrepreneurs. Brand asserted that women-led businesses can make a positive impact through greener and healthier technologies and her research shows women-led businesses deliver a higher return for investors. Review Dr. Brand's presentation

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