Commonly Asked Questions about Investment Options


I already have a fund at the Foundation. How will my fund be invested if I don't select one of the new investment options?

Your fund will remain in the existing investment pool unless you request a change.

How often can I change my fund’s investment option? 

Following prudent investment strategy, fundholders must remain in a pool for a minimum of two years. 

How do I know which investment pool is my fund is currently in?

If you opened your fund at the Foundation prior to 2017, your fund is invested in the Long-Term Investment Management option unless you have made other arrangements.

If I wish to select the Separately Managed Fund option, is there a minimum fund balance required?

The minimum fund amount required to retain your present investment manager is $500,000. However, if your fund has a lesser amount and you expect future contributions to grow it, we would consider offering you the Separately Managed Fund option. 

Are all investment options available to both Endowed & Quasi-Endowed Funds?


Can I choose more than one investment option?

For now, you must choose one option.

What are the fees associated with each option?

Managers’ fees vary depending on the option. Download Investment Management Options to see estimated average fees. Fees differ based on whether the fund is actively or passively managed. 

Are Foundation fees affected if I change my fund’s investment option?

No, your other fees will remain the same.

How do I let the Foundation know I want to change my fund’s investment option?

Contact Foundation staff and let us know. We’ll work with you to ensure the change is efficient and effective.

If I request for my funds to be moved, when will that happen?

In order to manage movement of funds from one pool to another without jeopardizing current investments and to manage liquidity, the Foundation staff will work with our investment counsel to schedule the transition of funds.