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Kimberly and her husband, Bernd Lienhard, are no strangers to philanthropy.

Kim Storin

Bernd is a first generation college graduate and had ambitions of becoming an engineer by age 10. Today, he’s CEO at Vorago Technologies and a board member at the Thinkery, a STEM-focused children’s museum. Bernd believes in helping kids experience science, technology, engineering and math at an early age in order to inspire them to become the next generation of technical leaders.

Kimberly’s first experience with philanthropy happened by the time she was in 4th grade when she coordinated a fundraiser for a fellow student in need. Since then, she’s been involved in a variety of causes across the nation, including becoming an advocate for women in the tech industry. Kim is the chief market officer at RapidDeploy, a dispatch software company.

In 2014, the two opened a donor advised fund at Austin Community Foundation, which allows them to support both of their unique interests throughout the year. “We look to ACF for data and insights about what’s happening in Austin, so we can ensure that our donations are best used,” says Kimberly.

It was this philosophy that led Kimberly to invest in the Women’s Fund, a data-driven giving network at the Foundation, which seeks to close the opportunity gap for women and children in Central Texas.

“Austin is a place where you can actually feel your impact. While the city is growing, it’s still possible to understand the local issues and build a true sense of community,” Storin explains.

The Foundation was able to support Kimberly and Bernd’s lifelong passion for giving, while also furthering their philanthropic interests through one of the Foundation’s giving networks.