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Donors invest in nonprofit solutions to address the community’s greatest needs

One unique benefit of a donor advised fund at Austin Community Foundation is the opportunity for donors to learn about and give to the most pressing needs in Central Texas. Through the Community Grants program, Foundation staff connects donors to local organizations and causes aligned with their interests, and in many cases, donors are introduced to new areas of interest for their charitable giving.

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Nonprofits apply to the Community Grants program by offering their best ideas to improve the quality of life in the region. Foundation staff vets the proposals and then provides quarterly grant summaries to fundholders so they can invest in projects with confidence.

Fundholders often appreciate the convenience of learning about the needs of the community without having to do a lot of research or engage in direct conversations with nonprofit organizations. Donors may grant anonymously or share their information with the nonprofits they choose to support.

The program also offers the ability for multiple donors to fund the same project or organization thus multiplying the overall impact of their gift. In 2020, donor advised fundholders gave $781,705 through Community Grants.

Keep reading to learn why fundholders value this unique benefit of Austin Community Foundation.


“I’m so glad I was made aware of the Community Grants program because it allows me to express my gratitude for the grassroots organizations working to make life better for people in need in my community. The grant requests are tailored to my values so I can support the causes that are dear to me with ease and confidence.”

-Mary Ann Cohen


“We participate in Community Grants because we really value the chance to get an overview of local charities that do work in areas that are important to us and where our gift can make a big impact. The program influences our giving by exposing us to organizations that might not otherwise cross our radar.”

-Anita & Scot Salmon


“We participate in the Community Grants program as an important way to discover local nonprofit organizations in Austin and Central Texas, learn about them, and potentially develop lasting philanthropic relationships with them. ACF’s vetting process allows us to confidently evaluate and choose nonprofit organizations to award grants and begin lasting dialogues.”

-Anne & David Morley


“The Community Grants Program has allowed us to focus our philanthropic efforts on organizations and programs that are in the greatest need of support at the time of our gift. An example is a gift we made to the Austin Disaster Relief Network immediately following the Winter Storm Uri.”

-Christi & Kevin Bozic