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Hazoor Partners’ Unique Approach to Corporate Philanthropy 

Harpreet and Darsh Singh, prominent figures in the Austin investment community and devoted philanthropists, knew from the start that charitable giving would be integrated into their business. The brothers co-founded Hazoor Partners, a financial services firm that focuses on the values of service and giving. Hazoor invests in niche assets, including carbon credits and social issues.

Harpreet and Darsh Singh, two Sikh men in zip up sweatshirts and jeans smiling in front of a wall of green ivy.

Harpreet (left) and Darsh Singh (right)

Having grown up in a Sikh family from San Antonio, the Singh brothers witnessed the spirit of philanthropy firsthand through their parents. Inspired by the Sikh tradition of giving 10 percent of one’s earnings, they established Hazoor Ten, a philanthropic initiative within their company. Hazoor works with Austin Community Foundation to establish a donor advised fund (DAF) seeded with assets for every employee at the company, encouraging them to give to the their favorite causes.    

Hazoor’s philanthropic strategy focuses on two essential aspects: alleviation and empowerment. The company aims to support organizations that provide immediate assistance to those in need while also working towards building better systems, tools, and resources for the future. The company’s charitable giving extends to local organizations working in education and affordable housing, among other causes.  

“We feel very fortunate and blessed to be able to give back, and we have a responsibility to support our community. We want to create as many opportunities as possible for other people because we really believe a rising tide lifts all boats,” Harpreet said.   

Austin Community Foundation has been crucial in their philanthropic journey. Harpreet says ACF has been a trusted partner, helping him and his brother understand Austin’s most significant needs and issues. They value ACF’s deep connection to the community and appreciate the customizable, collaborative approach to giving it offers.  

When asked about their advice for fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders in Austin who care about the community, Harpreet emphasized the importance of fostering a sense of community and creating an environment where individuals can live, work, and grow together. He believes none of us can succeed alone and encourages others to contribute to the Austin community and broader society.  

The Singh brothers’ dedication to philanthropy, their community, and their belief in the power of giving back serve as an inspiration to others. Through their charitable fund and partnership with Austin Community Foundation, they continue to make a lasting and meaningful impact in Central Texas.  

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