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Digital Marketing Coordinator
she / her / hers
Phone: 512.220.1184

Melissa’s role: Together with El and Misty, my role as part of the Communications team here at the Foundation is to strengthen and support our digital marketing efforts, to ensure we are best meeting the needs of our constituents.

What brought Melissa to the Foundation: I was drawn to the Foundation because of its commitment to, and passion for, investing in the local community – all to make Austin a better place for everyone. Remaining transparent, honest and genuine in how they conduct their work through the utilization of data to drive their approach was a key factor in my decision to join. I also felt that this role was a perfect fit in terms of my international background, personal desire to help others, and tertiary education.

What Melissa did before: Prior to moving to Austin and working with the Foundation, I lived in San Antonio where I also worked with a non-profit. Before moving to San Antonio, I had just relocated back to my hometown of Pennsylvania upon graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from Monash University, located in Melbourne, Australia, which is where I was raised.

Melissa’s favorite things to do in Central Texas: Having been raised in Australia, I love being out in the sun and spending time near the water, whether that be at the beach or by rivers or lakes. I love to try new things and get out of my comfort zone, so I’m excited to explore all that Austin has to offer!