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By Lucy Weberlein

After eight years of incredible transformation, the work at Waller Creek Conservancy is just getting started. Earlier this week we convened local philanthropists at the Conservancy’s beautiful sunlit offices in the eastern side of Downtown Austin to hear more about the Conservancy’s impact and discuss their exciting work ahead.

We heard from Conservancy leadership Peter Mullan, CEO, and Bryan Rubio, CDO, about one of the city’s most ambitious projects to date; a continuous park and connective trail, which once complete, will stretch from 15th Street to Lady Bird Lake.

Historically, Waller Creek was subject to severe flooding, which made the space and its surroundings unsafe. The City worked to improve the flood controls in this area as it began to recognize Waller Creek as a key component of the city’s central business district. Fast forward nearly 15 years to a key partnership between Waller Creek Conservancy and the City of Austin to revitalize the Waller Creek district as part of Austin’s urban future.

“We’re creating a shared identity for an increasingly diverse community,” explains Mullan who sees the proposed park system as a tool for serving and connecting Austin residents.

The project is ambitious, admits the Waller Creek team, and developing the space isn’t their only challenge. The team is actively building community partnerships to ensure Waller Creek is accessible, inclusive and engaging for all of Austin.

Thanks again to Peter, Brian and the entire Waller Creek Conservancy team for hosting us and sharing your mission with local philanthropists and leaders!

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