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Meet Erica.

ACF Staff - Erica RenstromErica started at the Foundation in 2015. Her early roles focused on supporting our Donor Relations team and managing our donor database. In 2019, Erica managed the migration to a new fund accounting system and donor portal to meet the growing and complex needs of our organization and better serve our fundholders.

Her latest title—Operations and IT Manager—not only reflects her instrumental role in our fund accounting system transition, but also the day-to-day technical assistance she provides for our team, donors and nonprofit partners.

Due to COVID-19, Foundation staff have been working remotely since early-March. Our team is fairly new to virtual work, which created new opportunities and challenges for operations. Without missing a beat, Erica implemented work-from-home technology solutions and ensured all team members had the equipment and software they needed for a seamless transition.

Erica exemplifies the Foundation’s values. She’s always up for a new challenge and uses her passion and creativity to serve our community.


  • What do you love most about Austin? 
    I love the laid back, friendly atmosphere and the perfect balance of city and natural space. There’s never a shortage of things to do, but it’s also not hard to find a quiet corner of the city to relax.
  • How has the city changed since growing up here and how do you stay connected to the community? 
    Austin feels so much bigger and busier than it did when I was growing up around here. There’s constant news about big business, traffic, and new development. Part of why I love working at the Foundation is how it helps me stay connected and informed about what’s happening with the people and organizations that keep Austin the unique city that it is.
  • What are some of the biggest challenges you face as an IT Manager? How has the Foundation’s technology adapted or changed since you joined in 2015?
    I’m one of the many “accidental” IT folks in the world today, so the biggest challenge for me is learning to succeed in a technical role without having a formal education in the field. Luckily, I’ve found wonderful mentors and professional networks that support me in that learning process.The Foundation has always made great use of the technology of the time; things are just changing faster now than ever. Since I joined ACF, I’ve seen the organization grow rapidly. My goal is to use technology to help us maintain smooth operations and fantastic service as we continue to evolve alongside our community.
  • How did you get into horseback riding? 
    I think it must be genetic because my mom passed her passion for horses down to me. I took my first horseback riding lesson when I was four or five and was immediately addicted for a lifetime. I used to compete, but these days a leisurely trail ride on my horse Mabel is more my speed.
  • Describe yourself using only one emoji:👩‍🌾