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Austin Community Foundation founded the Women’s Fund on the belief that women’s issues are community issues.

Over the last four years, we’ve been focused on the economic security of Central Texas women. We’ve learned a lot along the way and one thing is clear – among the most pressing issues in our community is the racial wealth and health divide faced by women of color.

As an investor in the Women’s Fund, you are in a unique position to use giving as a tool to address systemic inequities and the racial wealth divide facing far too many Central Texas women and their families.

We need you on our journey as we grow as a collective giving network. Our own privileges can often blind us from the lived experience​s of the nonprofits we partner with and the women we support through our grantmaking.

With this in mind, we are taking deliberate action to address and create a more equitable grantmaking strategy and process through a series of workshops this fall.

The Strategy Shift

During the second half of 2020, Women’s Fund investors will participate in a series of workshops centered on the Women’s Fund’s grants process and strategies in racial equity.

In October, we will convene for our first-ever Equitable Grantmaking Workshop, centered on challenging long held beliefs and biases in our grantmkaing process.

Following the Equitable Grantmaking Workshop, Women’s Fund investors will participate in four intimate virtual events focused on each of our impact areas. Our aim is to shift the strategy for each pillar of our collective work to meet this moment.

The Women’s Fund knows that community voice is an essential component of this work. We are proud to work with MEASURE—a data-informed and community-led organization—to deepen our community engagement. Through MEASURE’s Equity-Focused Group Tool, we hope to gain a more holistic understanding of how the Women’s Fund might serve as a transformative and intentional vehicle toward establishing racial equity through philanthropy.

A case study of our outcomes will be shared publicly in early 2021.

Our impact areas:


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