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In celebration of Ziauddin and Malala Yousafzai’s tireless work on behalf of girls across the world, the Women’s Fund awarded five Raise Your Voice Awards to local middle and high school students who are standing up in support of positive changes in their communities.

Raise Your Voice Awards will provide financial support of up to $1,000 for young leaders in Central Texas who want to speak up, take action and create change. Each prize will directly support the implementation of the winning projects. We believe that by engaging actively in our community, everyone can contribute to the peace and prosperity of our entire world.


Avyu & Diya
“Healing Humanity”, Westlake High School

“Girls Becoming”, GirlForward

Iyana & Karina
Bertha Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy

Shawkin, Sruti & Sudiksha
“FEMpower Debate”, Westwood High School

“Ladies Let’s Talk at Ann Richards”, Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

“We can gain peace, grow economies, improve our public health and the air that we breathe. Or we can lose another generation of girls.”

— Malala Yousafzai, address to Canadian Parliament, April 2017