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The Hispanic Impact Fund was founded in 2017 with the express purpose of supporting the economic security and advancement of Latino families in Central Texas. We pledged that this work would be data-informed and community-led.  With four years under our belt and enormous changes in the world and our region, now is the time to take stock of our work and make plans for the future.

What are the Strategy Labs?

Our data-informed investments have been focused on three impact areas where Hispanics & Latinos face the greatest inequities to access: early childhood education, health & wellness, job skills & entrepreneurship

Upcoming Strategy Labs will dig into the most current data in these impact areas and force us to ask the question: are we still meeting the community’s needs?

Led by local and national Latino consultants from designEDengagement, PBC, Strategy Lab participants will have an opportunity to shape the future investments of the Hispanic Impact Fund. Through a review of current trends, interactive workshops, and robust dialogue, our Strategy Labs will set the agenda for the next 3-5 years of Hispanic Impact Fund work.

Strategy Labs: Where data meets community
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The future of the Central Texas region is inextricably tied to the success of our Latino community. The Strategy Labs were conducted in May 2021. Attendees previewed the latest data related to the economic security of Hispanic and Latino families in Central Texas and provided feedback to shape our work for the future.

What does Strategy Lab success look like?

Our collective work will result in two major accomplishments:

  1.  The release of an updated version of our 2017 Status Report on Hispanic Families in Central Texas. This report will examine the state of the Latino community in Central Texas and examine key indicators related to our three impact areas:  early childhood education, health and wellness, and job skills and entrepreneurship.
  2.  A refined strategy in each impact area that will guide our grantmaking and engagement for the next three to five years.

Questions? Please contact Estevan Delgado via email.