Local investments for social good

FundATX is the Foundation's local impact investment fund, which uses the power of philanthropic capital to improve the economic security of all Central Texans.


What is impact investing? Impact investments are made in companies, organizations, and funds to bring innovative solutions to social issues, alongside a financial return. Impact investments differ from grants because the capital is recycled back into the community.

Investing in Central Texans' economic security

The investments made through FundATX are high-impact projects intended to create a positive social outcome along with a financial return. The investments take the form of loans to nonprofit organizations or community development institutions. 

Examples include:

  • Helping entrepreneurial women who live in poverty to build businesses by providing microloans and job training

  • Supporting access to affordable consumer financial products as an alternative to predatory lending

  • Improving the financial stability of underserved communities by providing access to capital and resources to develop small businesses

Co-invest with us!

Together, our investments can have exceptional and measurable social returns and enable us to reinvest those funds on a local basis. Learn more about how you FundATX works and ways to get involved below.

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  • Investors: Open to ACF donor advised fundholders
  • Investment commitment: $3,000
  • Investment period: 2 years
  • Fees: Included in DAF fees
  • Potential returns: Estimated 2% return flows directly back to your fund or can be reinvested


  • Expertise: Relationships and understanding of projects most in need of capital
  • Data: Access to informative reports about Central Texas's most pressing needs
  • Partnership: Pooled resources that diversify risk and increase impact
  • Engagement: Invitations to investor meetings and special events 

Read the 2018 FundATX Impact Report

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