Inspiring Conversations Affirm Shared Values and Giving Across Generations
Can a Polish-born great-grandmother who escaped Nazi Germany share common values with her "Generation Z" great-grandson who grew up on video games in a post-9/11 United States? Learn more about the values of various generations, especially when it comes to their charitable giving.

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Foundation delivers $1.8 million in grants to local nonprofits

Pressing issues like Onion Creek flood recovery, mental health therapy for families and recuperative care for the homeless get help, as well as museums, jazz and pugs...

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Making the World a Better Place

With young children and demanding jobs, the Davis family values efficiency and effectiveness. They use their Donor Advised Fund to budget their giving. That's how they are helping to make the world a better place...


What is life in Austin really like for women and children today?

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    Austin was named by Forbes the best place in the country for tech jobs but data shows there aren't enough local high school students heading to college in science, technology, engineering or math. A group of community leaders, funders and tech companies aims to change that by funding quality K-12 "STEM" programs across Central Texas.
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