Impact Investing

Data reveals that Central Texans differ in their access to economic mobility.  While some are benefiting from unprecedented economic growth, others have been left behind. This opportunity gap is known to have detrimental effects on a community’s overall economic health. We envision a thriving region in which all citizens have the opportunity to participate in our collective progress. 


Austin Community Foundation is committed to creating meaningful change in Austin through philanthropy. Our Impact Investing Program is an additional philanthropic tool we are using to create change in Austin.  Nonprofits, community development organizations, and social enterprises have long been the incubators of innovation, with fresh ideas and on-the-ground expertise to meet the needs of their communities. They need access to capital to bring these innovative solutions to life.

Austin Community Foundation has identified three key areas for initial investments:

  • Increasing access to capital – Microlending, small business lending, business/entrepreneurship training and services.
  • Increasing access to fair financial products – Affordable consumer loans (alternatives to payday lending), affordable savings accounts, credit building, financial literacy.
  • Increasing affordable housing units – Low income, middle income, and related wrap-around services (ex: on-site childcare, transit access, health services)

Explore our Current Portfolio

From the fund start date of 2015, we have committed and funded nearly $1 million in our community:

Invest in Central Texas with Us

We invite you to be a partner in our impact investing program. Austin Community Foundation’s Impact Investing Fund offers high-impact donors a sophisticated, local investment strategy with exceptional social returns in the Central Texas area. To learn more about the options below contact us

  1. Co-invest with the Foundation through our Impact Investment Program which will initially focus on our three key indicator areas above. 
  2. Use your Austin Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund. (Minimum investment: $5,000, 3-5 year investment period, estimated 2% return on investment flows directly to your fund at end of investment period.)
  3. Propose an impact investment in a company or nonprofit organization that you identify. Provide investment proposal to staff for review. Invest through your Austin Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund. (Minimum investment: $25,000.)

Seeking Investment from Our Impact Investing Program

Please ensure your project meets the key investment criteria below. 

  • Working within one of our three initial investment focus areas
  • Central Texas benefit
  • 3-5 year investment period
  • Up to $250,000 investment request

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