Our Changing City

Rapid changes in our city are transforming our community's very identity:

  • The Austin area is the fastest-growing region in Texas. Yet while Travis and Williamson counties have increased each of their populations by roughly 200,000 people every ten years, the fastest growth rate currently is that of Hays County. By 2030, Travis’ County’s share of the region’s population will be just 53.8%.
  • Lack of affordability is causing families to move further out, increasing suburban poverty.
  • Commuter stress is higher in Austin than Houston or Dallas.
  • The Austin region is one of the most diverse regions of the state. By 2020 no single ethnic group will exist as the majority of the region’s population. 



Understanding Austin

Take Action Now!

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  • Invest in women and children and lift the whole community. Invest in the Women’s Fund
  • Dive deeper. Learn more at the Austin Area Sustainability Indicators project.