Basics: Helping Families Thrive

Lisbeth was recently diagnosed with diabetes. It was a fear that lingered in the back of her mind for months. One could say Alfaro has had better weeks. But she has had worse weeks, too

Things started to unravel for Lisbeth three years ago when she was laid off from her job as a physician’s assistant. She lost her health insurance, too, and then the whole floor seemed to fall out from under her.

“I remember treating AIDS patients in the eighties. Having worked as a physician’s assistant I was always on the other side of healthcare.”

Lisbeth understands the importance of having access to healthcare. She thought she might have symptoms of diabetes but earned $9 a week too much to qualify for Medicaid. Without health insurance, she put off primary care visits she couldn’t afford.

“I was putting me on the backburner.”

People’s Community Clinic, a local nonprofit, helped Lisbeth connect the dots. People’s Community Clinic improves the health of medically underserved and uninsured Central Texans by providing high quality, affordable health care with dignity and respect. Gaining access to a medical home is a relief for Lisbeth and her family. After her first checkup in three years she left People’s with a voucher for a long overdue mammogram and a prescription for new glasses.

“It may not seem like much but it means the world to me.”

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