College scholarships can make the difference in a young person’s ability to pursue a lifelong dream—and our community’s ability to have the workforce we need. 

Austin Community Foundation is a valuable resource for people who want to help local students attain their educational goals through scholarship funds. Each year, we award about 400 scholarships totaling more than $500,000—with more than half funded through The Highland Lakes Legacy Fund for students in Marble Falls and other rural Central Texas communities.

Creating a Scholarship Fund

Our scholarship funds are created by families who wish to memorialize a loved one, professional organizations that want to encourage a certain field of study and others who want to extend a helping hand for college-bound students.

You can give to a scholarship fund to help a student pursue his or her educational goals. It's also easy to set up a scholarship fund to honor or inspire someone to pursue a specific field of interest. Get started today and make someone’s educational dreams come true.

Applying for a Scholarship

Students seeking scholarships should check with their high school counselor or financial aid office since the majority of our scholarships are made available through local high schools. Scholarship funds are made for tuition and related educational expenses and are paid directly to the educational institution.

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What is a general application/my profile information?
Our general application is an easy and efficient way for students to apply for scholarships. Rather than filling out individual applications for each program, students fill out one general application that may match them to multiple scholarship opportunities. After being matched with various scholarship opportunities, students are prompted to give any additional information needed depending on the specific scholarship requirements.

How often can I update my general application?
You can return to this website at any time to update your profile information on your general application. A current profile helps you to be considered for more scholarship opportunities! 

I filled out the general application, now what?
You may be auto-matched to some scholarships, and recommended to apply to others. If you are recommended to apply for certain scholarships, this means you have met the initial eligibility check, but the scholarship requires you to submit additional information. If you have questions about scholarship requirements and/or your eligibility please contact our scholarship support team at

I was not matched to any scholarships, but I meet all the eligibility criteria. What should I do?
If you feel that you meet all of the eligibility requirements for one or more scholarships, but you were not matched to any opportunities, please contact our scholarships support team at

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?
Yes. Again, by completing the initial profile information or general application, you may be matched and/or recommended to multiple scholarships.

If I am awarded a scholarship, do I get the check?
No, it is against Austin Community Foundation’s policies to pay scholarships directly to students. Should you be awarded, scholarship payments will be sent to your college/university financial aid office. 

When will I be notified?
All students that have applied for any of our scholarships will be notified before May 31st. Many of our scholarship award amounts vary. For the most update information, please look to the right of the scholarships listed here. If awarded a scholarship, the amount and other details will be included in your award offer.

Looking for a way to honor or remember a loved one?

You can create a scholarship or fund to honor someone while doing good in our community. Learn how we can help you do both and more.

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