Establish a scholarship


Austin Community Foundation is a valuable resource for donors interested in investing in the workers and leaders of tomorrow. 
When you partner with the Foundation, you make an impact on aspiring scholars while our staff manages the legal and administrative process of scholarship making. The foundation offers multiple scholarship opportunities allowing you to invest in education in a way that is meaningful to you. 

Scholarship Fund Options

Designated Scholarship 

A Designated Scholarship Fund is a charitable vehicle that allows individuals, families, organizations or small groups to raise funds in support of a specified scholarship program. All distributions from a Designated Scholarship Fund are made to specified organization(s) identified at the time the account is established.

Specialized Scholarship

Specialized Scholarship Funds allow you to establish a named scholarship while ACF staff administers the entire process, from creating and distributing applications to disbursement of funds.

Working with an ACF staff member, you determine the type of student you would like to benefit and define the eligibility criteria from our standard list. The Foundation reviews student applications and selects scholarship recipients based on the committee’s recommendations. The Foundation will inform you annually of the scholarship recipients that benefitted from your fund. 

Custom Scholarship

A custom scholarship fund allows you to participate more actively in the scholarship selection via a more customizable program and process.

A custom scholarship can include unique application questions and the ability to nominate selection committee members external to the Foundation. This external selection committee can use the Foundation’s application system to create and distribute applications, publicize the scholarship opportunity, and select recipients.

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