Helping Superhero Kids Help Super Families

 This mural at Nau's Enfield Drug store was created by Daniel Johnston to raise funds for Superhero Kids through the sale of mural t-shirts.

When a group of volunteers wanted to help children living with cancer and blood disorders and their families, they turned to us. Founded in 2009, Superhero Kids aims to improve the quality of life for the small superheroes called “patients.”

When a child receives a cancer or a blood disorder diagnosis and begins treatment at the Dell Children’s Blood and Cancer Center, many parents are unable to continue working outside of the home. Their new “job” is managing and coordinating treatments, while also attending to the education and basic needs of their child. The average duration of treatment for the little superheroes spans 1-3 years and can take much longer, adding up to a significant financial burden for the entire family.

Superhero Kids provides financial support for housing, home repairs, utilities, school supplies and clothing, food and living expenses, transportation and other essential medical equipment and prosthesis not covered by insurance.

You could say that by providing back office support, the Foundation helps Superhero Kids save the day. Since the Superhero Kids donor advised fund at the Foundation was created in 2009, they’ve raised over $135,000 to help “superheroes” and their families.