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Women's Fund Indicator Areas

Our vision is that Central Texas women and children are safe, healthy, educated and economically secure, making our whole community strong and culturally vibrant. 

Committed to data-informed grantmaking, the Women's Fund uses these indicator areas highlighted in the Stronger Women, Better Austin report to inform their review of grant requests.

Basic Needs

Women and children deserve a safe and stable home, nourishing food, loving and qualified caregivers and the opportunity to reach their highest level of sustainability and success.

Economic Sustainability

Women and children should expect to be part of our region’s economic success through employment opportunities that are financially and personally rewarding and access to affordable homes, child care and transportation options.


We invest in systems and programs that put women and children on track to compete in a global economy, participate in civic life and pursue their dreams.


Women and children should have access to excellent medical care they can afford as well as opportunities to actively pursue and experience a state of well-being.


Women and children should feel safe from harassment, bullying, hate crimes, terrorism and other violence wherever they live, work, play, learn, worship or travel in our community.


Women and children must see examples of women leaders in local businesses and government and have access to skills, networks and opportunities to become leaders.