Resources for Current Grantees

Final Reports

Final report criteria is outlined in Exhibit B of your contract.

  • For grants awarded before September 2015, please email your final report to our staff. Expectations for this report can be found in Exhibit B of your grant contract.
  • For grants awarded after September 2015, please use your online account to submit your final report.
  • Use the Grant Recipient Media Kit for ideas and guidance about publicizing your grant.
  • The Foundation will consider a grant request from an organization that has previously received funds from the Community Grant Program only after the funded project is complete and a final report has been submitted. 

Questions about Grants from Donor Advised Funds

Should we send a tax receipt to the Austin Community Foundation or to the donor/fund named in our award letter?

A: Neither. A tax receipt is not appropriate because these assets qualified for a tax deduction when they were gifted to the fund at the Foundation.

How can we thank the donor for this grant?

A: Most times, the donor's contact information is listed on the letter that arrived with the check. If contact information is not included in the letter and you don’t have it on record, the donors prefer to remain anonymous We are not able to disclose fund advisor information or forward mail.

How can we acknowledge this grant in our annual report or other public listing?

A: Please list the name of the fund as it appears in your grant award letter. In addition, please list the Austin Community Foundation in your public listings and/or include the Foundation’s logo.


Can we apply directly to this or other donors’ funds at the Foundation?

A: No, the online application for the Community Grant Program is the central portal to apply and receive grant funds. Even if you have a relationship with a donor who has a fund with the Foundation, we do not accept proposals on their behalf. The only way to apply for general grant funds is through the online application.