2018 Hispanic Impact Fund Grants

In 2018, these 6 nonprofits were selected to receive a total of $180,000 in grants from the Hispanic Impact Fund's inaugural grant cycle:

Early Childhood Education

Todos Juntos
Project: Early Childhood Ed Program
Award Amount: $10,000

Children attending quality ECE programs are more likely to be ready for kindergarten and more likely to continue succeeding academically. Last year, TJ’s ECE students showed 15.5 months of literacy gains in 6 months, logged over 1,600 hours of at-home reading, and 100% of parents reported that they understand what it means to advocate for their child. Our little learners leave us prepared academically and socially, but just as importantly, our families develop a love of reading and learning juntos, setting the foundation for parents to continue prioritizing and advocating for their children’s educations. 

Project: Parent and Early Childhood Education Program
Award Amount: $50,000

AVANCE’s Parent and Early Childhood Education Program empowers Hispanic families to break the cycle of poverty by focusing on 2 generations at the same time starting in the earliest years of a child’s life. PCEP provides parents access to tools and resources that lead to financial independence and personal growth, while providing parenting education and early childhood development to help their children learn, grow and be ready for educational success. Studies conducted on the PCEP program participants show that 93% of children are ready for Kindergarten and 95% graduate from high school and parents increase their financial stability.

Health & Wellness

Volunteer Healthcare Clinic
Project: Medical Services
Award Amount: $10,000

Funding from the Hispanic Impact Fund would support the delivery of quality health care and a full range of medical services for Hispanic children, adults and families who have no other access to care including:  primary and specialty care, medications, lab & diagnostic testing, prevention & health education, medical supplies, social service referrals and case management. Services include 2 weekly Walk-In clinics for acute, primary care; 1 weekly Chronic Disease Management clinic for hypertensive & diabetic patients; a monthly Specialty Clinic featuring dermatology, psychiatry & nutrition counseling and other periodic specialty clinics for women’s health and pediatrics throughout the year. 

El Buen Samaritano Episcopal Mission 
Project: Building Capacity to Reduce Teen Pregnancy 
Award Amount: $50,000

More than half of Texas’s Latinxs get pregnant before age 20 and are seven times more likely than white counterparts to give birth. This trend is expected to rise. It is linked to health risks for mother and child, poverty, school dropout, and unemployment. Attributions include access to healthcare, sex education, culture, a need to be valued. Peer interventions, built on trust and engagement, for reproductive decision-making and choice are powerful and effective. The outcome? A measurable impact that ensures the health and economic security for generations to come. True to mission, this is one more way we empower Latinxs.

Job Skills & Entrepreneurship

Economic Growth Business Incubator
Project: Launch Small Businesses
Award Amount: $10,000

EGBI assists local businesses to become profitable, sustainable and an asset to the community. Since 2008, EGBI has provided training, coaching and support to aspiring and existing business owners who face barriers to growing a successful business, barriers such as education, language and finances. EGBI provides our services in English and Spanish.  Seventy percent of our clients are Hispanic; 60 percent are women, and 75 percent have incomes below the median income. What’s our impact? Every year, about 200 people seek out our services.  In a 2016, a sampling of 150 EGBI clients reported annual gross revenues of $17 million. 

Project: Engaging Parents in Leadership and Workforce Development
Award Amount: $50,000

Con Mi MADRE initiated a new parent engagement and leadership program Fall 2017.  The program provides parents with short-term employment at their children's school and the opportunity to develop leadership and workforce skills through monthly professional development trainings for one semester. We hired 57 parent leaders at 10 elementary schools in AISD for the 2017-2018 academic year. With the Hispanic Impact Fund, CMM will expand our parent program in Fall 2018 to 100 parents. The program will increase parent engagement, but also develop parents' leadership and job skills and provide pathways to employment, career advancement and/or further education. 

Watch these videos to learn about the amazing work of our 2018 grant finalists in support of the economic security and advancement of Hispanic Central Texans.