Commonly Asked Questions

If you have a question about using the online grant application, when to apply or how to respond when you receive a grant, please read below. If you don't find your answer, contact us.

Using the Online Grant Portal

Questions About Your Application

Receiving Grants from Donor Advised Funds

Using the Online Grant Portal

What file formats will be accepted as attachments?

Most file types are accepted including Word, Excel, and PDF formats. Files with "exe", "com", "vbs", or "bat" extensions cannot be uploaded. The maximum size for all attachments combined is 25 MB. If your attachments are larger than 25 MB combined, please contact the Foundation.

I answered the eligibility questions, but can't access the application. What do I do?

The eligibility quiz is designed to help you determine if your proposal will qualify for a grant. If you have answered the questions and are unable to access the application, it is likely that your proposal will not meet the requirements for funding. However, if you feel that your proposal does meet the requirements for funding, contact us. Contact Sara Watson about the Community Grant program, Estevan Delgado about the Hispanic Impact Fund, or Kim Sidey about the Women’s Fund.

Can I start an application and save to finish at a later date?

Yes, you can save your application as a draft and log on later to edit and submit the application.

How can I access my saved in-progress application?

When you log in to the grantee portal, you will see an "Active Requests" tab below your information on the Application Dashboard. Each application you start will be listed here and you should see a link to the right of the page to "Edit Application". Once the application has been submitted, you will have the option to "View" instead of "Edit".

If I can't find the link to log in to my saved application, what do I do?

Follow this link to access your saved application(s) or copy and paste the following text into your browser window:

How long does my application stay active in the online portal?

Once submitted, your application will stay active in the online portal until a decision has been communicated to you regarding your request by staff. For the process and timeline of the Hispanic Impact Fund and the Women’s Fund, please visit their program pages to learn more.

What happens if I don't upload all of the required attachments to my application?

For the Community Grant Program only. If you submit an application that is missing required documents, you will receive one email from staff explaining which documents are missing. The application will be sent back to you as "pending" in the grantee portal. From the Applicant Dashboard, you may edit the application to provide any missing documents. Your request can only be considered for review once all required information has been provided.

Will the system log me off if I am inactive?

Yes, however any information you entered into an application will be automatically saved.

The person who created our organization's account and submitted the application is no longer at the organization and we don’t have access to their login information.  Is there a way to transfer the application to a new contact?

Yes, please contact us for help.

I am a grant writer for multiple organizations. Can I submit an application for multiple organizations from my account?

Each individual email address can only be associated with one organization. If you are a grant writer for multiple organizations, we recommend having a staff member from each organization initially set up the grant portal profile and begin an application. From there, please have them invite you as a collaborator on the application, which will allow you to edit and submit.

How do I know that you have received my grant application?

You will receive an automatically generated email from the Foundation confirming that your application has been received.

Questions About Your Application

Want to learn about the Foundation’s program grant opportunities?

Listen to our previously recorded webinar to learn more about the Hispanic Impact Fund and the Women’s Fund grant opportunities. Updated August 2019.

Can my organization apply for a grant through the Community Grants Program, Hispanic Impact Fund and Women’s Fund within the same 12-month period?

Yes, your organization may apply to the Community Grants program, Hispanic Impact Fund, and Women’s Fund within a 12-month period. These are separate programs.

Do you give to organizations outside of Central Texas?

Austin Community Foundation provides funding opportunities for non-profits within the 5 counties of Central Texas: Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, and Williamson. We will consider funding programs from nonprofits outside this area if the project has a substantial impact on the quality of life for people in Central Texas.

In what format should I submit my project budget for the Community Grant Program, the Hispanic Impact Fund, and the Women’s Fund?

Each program has their own specific project budget. Please visit each program's main landing page for the most up-to-date project budget template. Please submit your completed budget with your application in an excel format, if possible.

Do you fund general operating requests?

No, we do not fund general operating requests. However, when you submit your program budget you may include operating expenses as a line item.

What are some common mistakes you see in proposals?

  • Not using the required program budget template that pertains to the program you are applying.
  • The total Project Expenses column and the Amount Requested column in the program budget template does not match the amounts entered on the application submission.
  • Previous grantees not completing a final report before applying for a new grant.
  • Organizations applying for multiple grants within the 12-month guideline. The date of your grant submission starts the 12-month clock time frame.

What is the average grant award?

The average size Community Grant Program award is $25,000.  For more information regarding the Hispanic Impact Fund and the Women’s Fund process and timeline, please visit their program pages.

We’re a new organization and don’t have all the information requested in the guidelines. Can we still apply?

We require that all proposals include all of the listed information and attachments. The only exception to this is if your organization is less than 12 months old and therefore does not have fiscal year-end financial statements or an audit. In this case, be sure to upload a page explaining this situation or the application will be deemed incomplete.

My project is a Fiscal Sponsorship of the Foundation. May I apply for a community grant?

Yes, as a fiscally sponsored project, you are eligible to apply through our Community Grant program. You must complete a grant application and upload the following documents: Program Budget template, Organizational Budget, and Board/Advisory committee list (if none, a list of people involved in the project).

Receiving Grants from Donor Advised Funds

Should we send a tax receipt to Austin Community Foundation or to the donor/fund named in our award letter?

Neither. A tax receipt is not appropriate because these assets qualified for a tax deduction when they were gifted to the fund at the Foundation.

How can we thank the donor for this grant?

Usually, the donor's contact information is listed on the letter you receive with your grant check. If contact information is not included in the letter, the donor wishes to remain anonymous. We are not able to disclose fund advisor information or forward mail.

How can we acknowledge this grant in our annual report or other public listings?

Please list the name of the fund as it appears in your grant award letter. In addition, please list Austin Community Foundation in your public listings and/or include the Foundation’s logo.

Can we apply directly to this or other donors’ funds at the Foundation?

No, the online application for the Community Grant Program is the central portal to apply and receive grant funds. Even if you have a relationship with a donor who has a fund with the Foundation, we do not accept proposals on their behalf. The only way to apply for general grant funds is through the online application.