A Community of Givers

Every day our community of givers makes our city better though learning, leading, strategic grantmaking, local impact investment and philanthropic collaboration.

What does it mean to be part of a community of givers? It means the convenience of 24/7 online access to your fund as well as personalized access to local experts on philanthropy, investment and community needs and opportunities. 

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Learn together

Last year more than 1,000 people took part in educational experiences we curated on topics like:

Give locally

Having a fund with us means we're a trusted partner for your charitable work. You gain the unique opportunity to connect with the most pressing needs of local nonprofits working in the impact areas that you care about. How does it work? First, tell us what you're passionate about.  Then we'll send you a quarterly summary of nonprofit organizations' best ideas on how they can improve the quality of life for Central Texans. Give with confidence, knowing our expert staff has reviewed  the proposals. Give a little or a lot--or pass.  Learn more

Get inspired

How do we simplify giving while maximizing impact? Meet some local philanthropists who partner with us to make their giving goals a reality. Then meet some local changemakers who are working hard to make Austin better with some help from us.

Other ways to connect

"None of us are here for a very long time, and I think most folks ask themselves, 'Is my community better because I was here?'"

William C. Milstead, President, Austin Community Foundation (1980)

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Investing in the community you love

Meet Marion and George More who depend on the Austin Community Foundation to provide community knowledge and help them match their giving desires to local opportunities to maximize their giving.

How we make a local impact

We help you do good locally through grantmaking, impact investing, community leadership, leveraging resources and collaborative problem-solving.