Accounts Payable Instructions for Fund Representatives

AP Request for Payment Form and supporting documentation must be completed and submitted together by an authorized fund representative. 

Payment requests received by Monday are paid Monday of the following week.

Please note: Payee Name on AP Request for Payment Form must match the W-9:

  • Box 1 Name for individuals with Social security number
  • Box 2 Business Name for businesses with Employer identification number


Supporting Documentation

All supporting documentation must be in the order listed on the request

  • Signed W-9 required for initial accounts payable request for any vendor
  • Vendor Invoice for direct payment to a vendor
  • Copy of paid receipt or vendor invoice stating amount paid for each expense reimbursement
  • For Contract Labor/Leases: 
    • Contract services or rent must be paid directly to the individual or business by Austin Community Foundation.
    • Individuals must have a social security number and be eligible to work in the United States to be paid for contract services.

Payment Schedule

  • One-Time payments are processed weekly
  • Payments over $50,000 may require an additional week
  • Recurring direct deposits may be set up for 1st of the month or Wednesdays and require available balance sufficient to cover 3 months of recurring payment


Payment Type

  • Payments will be direct deposit if bank info is provided or on file
  • Direct deposit is recommended for payments to recurring payees
  • Check payments will be mailed to payee unless an alternate option is selected
  • Checks marked "Hold for pickup" are available after 10:00 AM on payment date


Grant Requests

Check request for a distribution for the benefit of another nonprofit not in exchange for services should be emailed directly to The nonprofit’s 501c3 status will be verified.