Give Stock

Follow these steps to donate stock to a fund at the Foundation:

1. Ask your broker to transfer stock to a fund at the Foundation. Provide your broker with the following information:

  • Transfer stock to:
Charles Schwab & Company, Inc.
101 Montgomery Street 
San Francisco, CA 94104
  • Contact Phone - 800-515-2157
  • DTC # - 0164
  • Code - 40
  • Receiving Account - 2415-7171
  • Receiving Account Name - Austin Community Foundation
  • Austin Community Foundation Tax ID # - 74-1934031
  • Donor Information - Name, Address, phone number
  • Description of stock – Company name and number of shares
  • This gift is securities for - Name of Fund or purpose of gift

Download a PDF of the above instructions


2. Inform us of your intention to transfer a gift of securities. Please be sure to include the name of the stock being transferred, as well as the number of shares and the Fund to which you are giving. You may email this information to


Gift Acknowledgement

You will then receive a written acknowledgement of your gift from the Foundation which will state the date stock was received and a description of the stock gift including number of shares donated. The IRS allows a deduction of the average high and low value of the stock on the date the Foundation receives it. Please consult your advisor to determine the value of your charitable donation.