Modern Giving

Charitable giving made modern. Modern Giving is an easily accessible, efficient tool to manage your charitable giving on your budget and your schedule.

More accessible than a traditional donor advised fund, but with the same advantages, Modern Giving is a new approach to charitable giving. With Modern Giving, you can make donations to any nonprofit of your choosing at any time, receive immediate tax deductions, and consolidate documentation.

No more check writing or providing personal information to numerous charities. Modern Giving is a more secure, faster, and easier way to donate directly to your favorite causes. Set and track giving goals, share your activity within a social feed, and easily discover worthy causes in your community.



Which charitable solution is right for you?


Download our full comparison chart between Modern Giving and Donor Advised Funds.


How it works 

  • Visit to set up an account.
  • Easily deposit funds into your account anytime based on your budget. Schedule monthly recurring deposits to build your balance. Set and achieve your giving goals.
  • Efficiently track your giving throughout the year, making tax-time easy with one itemized receipt for your charitable tax deduction. You can also upload tax receipts from other donations given outside of the platform. 
  • Support your favorite causes by donating to any 501(c)(3) organization. Share your philanthropic activity with other members via the Giving Feed and earn badges for doing good. 
  • Your Modern Giving account is free.* 
  • As a part of your account, you join the Foundation’s community of givers by making an annual $25 gift to the Austin Leadership Fund, which supports change-making work to close the opportunity gap in Central Texas. You will be invited to our annual fundholder meeting, gain access to exclusive donor education events and connect with a diverse community of philanthropists that care about Austin.

*Credit card processing fees apply. To avoid credit card fees, directly transfer money from your bank account.

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