Investing in the Community You Love

In 1974 George More moved his company, an early producer of computer plotters, from Houston to Austin. He was drawn to the city of less than 300,000 by the small but catalyzing community of engineers and early computer technology innovators at the University of Texas, as well as by the affordable cost of living and the area’s natural beauty. George and his wife Marion made Austin their home, raising their children here and serving the community for more than forty years.

From the start, the one thing they missed from their time in Houston was a professional symphony. So they quickly became supporters of the Austin Symphony Orchestra Society, where they encountered such community leaders as business owner Bill Milstead, attorney Lloyd Lochridge, city staffer Beverly Sheffield and banker George Meriwether. Little did the Mores know then that these four friends were busy at work creating a community-wide fund that would become the Austin Community Foundation.

“Having been involved in other charities, I’ve come upon a great trust for the Foundation as the place to put our money, our faith and our future to most efficiently benefit the community,” said George More. Indeed, the Mores donated stock to create a fund to provide enduring support to their two favorite charities: the Austin Symphony and Rice University, George’s alma mater. They also give to the Foundation's Leadership Fund to help respond to opportunities, promote philanthropy and provide community research. By giving stock that appreciated in value, the couple was able to reduce their income tax bill, invest their assets and drive social good.

“It’s more than giving,” said Marion More. “It’s an investment in the community we love.”

Recently the couple reminisced about the early years of awarding grants of $250-$600 to purchase pointe shoes for the ballet, record Austin’s early African-American history and to furnish a new drug treatment center. The Mores are among those who contributed to Austin’s present success through their early commitment to innovation and generosity. They hope the younger generations know how the Foundation can help successful families give back efficiently and easily.

“The Foundation has a breadth of knowledge that can match your giving desires to the best opportunities that not only suit your wishes but maximize your giving,” said George More.