Focus Your Impact

One unique benefit you receive is the opportunity to learn about and give to the most pressing needs of local nonprofits working in the impact areas that you care about the most through our Community Grant program. By co-investing with the Foundation, your grantmaking multiplies to make a bigger impact. To get started now, please review our Community Impact Areas and complete this brief interest form.

How It Works

  • We use the information you provide in your interest form to tailor invitations, learning opportunities and community grant opportunities to your specific interests. You can review or update your interests any time.
  • We encourage nonprofit organizations to bring us their best ideas on how they can improve the quality of life for Central Texans. 
  • You receive a quarterly subscription of all recent grant requests we've received. The projects are grouped by Community Impact Areas so you can easily follow your own interests. You can invest in these projects with confidence, knowing that all grant requests have already been reviewed by our expert staff.
  • You may choose to give to one, many or none of the grant requests you receive. You may fund the full amount or part. Be sure to reply by the deadline so that you don't miss out on an opportunity.
  • Our grants staff will bundle your grant with grants made by other fundholders to multiply your impact. We award grants on a quarterly announcement schedule. The nonprofit will receive a list of funds that gave and grant amount.
  • Nonprofit organizations receive notification of grant funding which includes your fund and contact information. If you'd prefer to make grants anonymously, please notify the Foundation.


Support our community now and in the future

Do you want to respond to emerging community needs and proactively help shape Austin's future? Your gift to any of the Foundation's strategic community funds will do just that:

Community Endowment Fund

The Austin Community Foundation Endowment was established to support community needs in perpetuity.  Our permanent fund supports the needs of our community forever.

Our unrestricted endowed fund allows the Foundation to address Austin’s current needs through our competitive grant program. Since 1977, generous Austinites have placed their trust in the Foundation's knowledge and expertise to determine the course of their philanthropy for the good of our community. 

Donate now

Austin Leadership Fund

For “beyond grantmaking” programs to help shape Austin’s future

As our community grows and changes, everyone has a role to play to keep Austin a great place for everyone. Learn more about the Austin Leadership Fund

Join now

The Women’s Fund

Focus your giving on the needs of women and children in our community

The Women's Fund engages women of all ages to combine their resources to award grants annually to improve the lives of women and children in our community. Learn more about the Women's Fund. 

Join The Women's Fund

The Hispanic Impact Fund

We believe that when we support the economic security and advancement of Hispanic Central Texans, everyone benefits. 

The Hispanic Impact Fund, a program of Austin Community Foundation, leverages the assets, resilience and strength of our Latino community to invest in nonprofit and social enterprise solutions. Learn more about Hispanic Impact Fund

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