What is a Donor Advised Fund?

When you open a donor advised fund with us, you receive an immediate charitable tax deduction and can take the time you need to decide what nonprofit organizations will receive your gift or gifts. ​

  • Efficient, flexible, easy - Donor advised funds are our most popular charitable solution they make it easy for you to consolidate all your giving.
  • Tax planning strategy - Your donor advised fund can be an essential part of your tax-planning strategy.  
  • Continued growth - When you invest your donor advised fund you can grow your giving and create a  legacy. 
  • Opportunities to give - With your donor advised fund, you have the ability to review and fund local requests made through our community grant program.

  • Austin & beyond - Just because your donor advised fund is with us, you don't need to limit your giving to Central Texas. You can direct your gifts to any qualified nonprofit organization in the United States.

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