Signature Fund

By creating a Signature Fund at the Foundation, you enjoy the customization and control of having your own charitable foundation without the costs and legal requirements of one. 

When you partner with us by establishing your Signature Fund, you benefit from our expert staff and personalized service to realize your philanthropic goals.

Summary of Benefits

  • Ease of minimum administrative requirements and no tax forms or audits (compared with family foundation) 
  • Include "Foundation" in your fund name
  • Customized stationery and checks bearing your Signature Fund name
  • Invitation to monthly Austin Area Funders meetings and other exclusive events
  • $1,000,000 minimum assets

Philanthropic Advising

  • Vision and strategy – We can help you create and implement a strategy for your philanthropy that will transform your values into goals and objectives.

  • Research – We provide in-depth assessments of community needs as a means to help determine funding priorities.

Grant Administration

  • Application review – You can access the grant requests you wish to review and share with family members or other decision-makers.

  • Selection support – We can review and screen proposals received through our online application portal and advise on selections and award amounts.

  • Due diligence – We can conduct local site visits, research past accomplishments, review financials and assess organization leadership.

  • Grant processing – We ease the burden that comes with administering grant agreements as well as the disbursement and tracking of grant funds.

  • Contracts and reporting – We prepare grant contracts and monitor compliance and performance, collecting and reviewing final reports.

  • Anonymity – The Foundation makes it possible for donors to remain anonymous with regard to some or all fund distributions if that is their wish.

Accounting and Investment

  • Accounting services – You can access your fund online any time and we provide annual statements for endowed funds.

  • Investment Management – Foundation funds are professionally invested as part of our entire portfolio or you have the option to retain your own investment management.. 

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Investing the charitable dollars that you have entrusted to us is an important part of our work. We use long-term investment strategies to ensure that your giving will go further in our community. 

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