A Community of Givers

Austin Community Foundation is the catalyst for generosity in Austin. We bring together a community of givers who have shared ideals about Austin and Central Texas. Then we convene conversations about the greatest needs and opportunities and lead the way for you to engage and invest.

Social and Educational Events

We're a place for convening conversations about a shared vision for Austin and Central Texas. Through an ongoing calendar of exclusive social and educational events, you can meet others and learn about opportunities to give without any pressure or obligation. Learn about upcoming events. 

Data and Indicators

We seek to collect current community data and indicators to understand local needs and opportunities. Our growing library of reports provides the most relevant information for your giving decisions. Review data and indicators

Community Grants

We believe that our greatest impact happens when we come together, pooling our resources.  Open your own fund and we’ll connect you with the most pressing needs of local nonprofits working in the areas that you care about the most. Learn more about focusing your impact.

Hispanic Impact Fund

We believe that when you support the economic security and advancement of Hispanic Central Texans, everyone benefits. The Hispanic Impact Fund leverages the assets, resilience and strength of our Latino community to invest in nonprofit and social enterprise solutions. Learn more.

Women’s Fund

We believe that when women are economically secure, safe, and healthy, then families and communities are economically secure, safe, and healthy. The Women’s Fund employs a data-driven approach to grantmaking, impact investing, educational programming and leadership development. Learn more.

Austin Leadership Fund

The Austin Leadership Fund supports our local change-making work focused on closing the opportunity gap in Central Texas. The Austin Leadership Fund supports our role as a gathering place for people who believe in our region's abundant resources, capacity and will to shape the future. Learn more.

Other ways to connect

"None of us are here for a very long time, and I think most folks ask themselves, 'Is my community better because I was here?'"

William C. Milstead, President, Austin Community Foundation (1980)

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Investing in the community you love

Meet Marion and George More who depend on the Austin Community Foundation to provide community knowledge and help them match their giving desires to local opportunities to maximize their giving.

How we make a local impact

We help you do good locally through grantmaking, impact investing, community leadership, leveraging resources and collaborative problem-solving.