Creating Opportunities to Learn and Earn

Austin-based NetSpend empowers consumers by offering prepaid debit cards that provide the convenience, security and freedom of a bank account. Recently, when NetSpend sought to launch a scholarship program for its customers who are low-to-moderate income workers, they came to Austin Community Foundation.

The NetSpend Scholarship Fund is based on the company’s core belief that everyone deserves an opportunity for continuing education, regardless of financial status. In its first year, scholarships were awarded to 15 customers to help further their education, reach their full potential and increase their earning power. 

“These scholarships are life changing,” says Romy Parzick, Director of Implementation & Client Experience at NetSpend. “We have always been committed to engaging and rewarding our customers through Community Connect events like surprising people with prepaid cards to buy gas or groceries.” 

The scholarship program had been a goal of NetSpend but it took working with the Foundation to make it a reality. “It was easy for customers to apply online and we were surprised and pleased by the number of applications,” Parzick says. The NetSpend team undertook the hard work of reviewing scholarship applications and choosing among them. Scholarships of $1,000-$4,000 were paid directly to the educational institutions the winning customers attend. 

Many local corporations depend the Foundation as their community giving partner. The Foundation helps companies create and implement their philanthropy strategy, provides information on community needs and administers grant or scholarship programs. Learn about opening a scholarship fund