Strategic Staff Changes Improve Our Services

Over the past several months, Austin Community Foundation has made several strategic shifts in staffing to better serve our donors and the larger community. 

Among our recent changes, Cybil Guess, VP of Donor Relations, joined the Foundation to oversee a staff team that works closely with the individuals, corporations, nonprofits and projects that partner with us for their giving. In addition, Amy Allen who has been with the Foundation for twenty-four years was named Senior Philanthropic Officer. 

Meet our whole Donor Relations team:

Cybil Guess

VP Donor Relations

Amy Allen

Senior Philanthropic Officer

Jonathan Barona
Special Projects Manager
Erica Renstrom
Donor Relations Coordinator,
Database Specialist
Alison Waxler
Donor Relations Coordinator,
Events Specialist
Alexa Hallen
Donor Relations Associate


Meet the whole Austin Community Foundation staff.