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Guest Blogger

Erica Renstrom

Funding for AISD Mental Health Centers is a Community Affair
By Guest Blogger / November 7, 2018
How our community of givers helped close the funding gap for Austin ISD mental health centers.
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Year-End Giving Tips for 2018 & Beyond
By Guest Blogger / October 10, 2018
Learn what's new for your year-end giving, including new tax laws and more from CPA, Todd Miller.
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The Maternal Mortality Rate is Still Too High
By Guest Blogger / October 1, 2018
Panelists from Dell Medical School at UT Austin address the maternal mortality issue facing Texas.
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Austin ISD’s Approach to Mental Health Services
By Guest Blogger / September 10, 2018
Leaders from across AISD recently shared insight into their work implementing mental health services.
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Stories of Recovery One Year After Hurricane Harvey
By Guest Blogger / August 22, 2018
Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas Gulf Coast last August. A year later, we share stories of hope and recovery from Texans' affected by the storm.
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A New Tech Tool for Philanthropists
By Guest Blogger / July 3, 2018
The Foundation offers a new technology-based solution to support your charitable giving needs. Modern Giving is a new tool to address the growing need for accessible, efficient and democratic philanthropy in our community.
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By Guest Blogger / January 2, 2018
As 2017 comes to a close, consider reviewing your philanthropic goals and maximize your giving.
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Colorado’s Investment in Teen Pregnancy Prevention
By Guest Blogger / November 30, 2017
In November, Austin Community Foundation and St. David’s Foundation invited Ellen Marshall, with the Colorado Initiative to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy, to Austin Forward, a speaker series hosted for local philanthropists that features forward-thinking leaders from around the country.
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Reminders and Deadlines for Your Year-End Giving
By Guest Blogger / November 21, 2017
As 2017 comes to a close, we want your year-end giving to go smoothly.
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Amy Allen: Helping Austin Give for 25 Years
By Guest Blogger / July 25, 2017
"For every fund and donation, there is a person with a story," reflects Amy Allen, Senior Philanthropic Officer, on her 25 years at the Foundation.
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