The Right Gift at the Right Time

Breakthrough Central Texas helps children from low-income communities realize their dreams of going to college. Recently, Austin Community Foundation helped a donor realize his dream of supporting Breakthrough’s successful program through the donation of his home.

Breakthrough Central Texas provides extended learning, comprehensive advising, and leadership experiences from middle school through college to students in low-income communities who will be the first in their families to graduate from college. This year, 1,425 students (6th grade through college) will benefit from the organization’s 12-year commitment to success. Breakthrough students go on to graduate from college at more than five times the rate of their low-income peers.

“A long-time Breakthrough supporter wanted to help his brother, who lived out of state, sell his home without owing a lot of taxes,” says Grace Holland, Chief Development Officer. “Our supporter was familiar with Austin Community Foundation and knew that by donating an appreciated asset, such as a home, his brother would be able to make a bigger impact than if he sold the home and donated the proceeds.”

“My family grew up in West Austin. We were afforded so many opportunities,” says the Breakthrough supporter, who asked to remain anonymous. “We know that the quality of life of our children and grandchildren is directly tied to the quality of life of the children and grandchildren living in East Austin. Breakthrough was the smartest investment we could make because these first-generation college graduates go on to break the cycle of generational poverty for their families and become leaders in our community. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

Austin Community Foundation accepted the donated home, handled the sale of the property, and then granted the proceeds to Breakthrough Central Texas.  The donor requested that a portion of the $690,000 gift be reserved to match donations made to Breakthrough by fellow Foundation fundholders. If you would like more information on how to designate a gift to Breakthrough from your donor advised fund and double your impact, please contact Erica Renstrom.

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