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By Guest Blogger / November 30, 2015
Before you celebrate the end of 2016, take a few minutes to review your philanthropic goals and maximize your giving.
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By Mike Nellis / November 9, 2015
Great momentum comes from a clear sense of purpose. When nonprofits focus on their clear mission, they can drive significant results and impact.
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By Guest Blogger / October 15, 2015
Austin is poised to become the next stop on the Social Innovation map, but how did we get there?
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By Guest Blogger / September 15, 2015
During back-to-school orientation, Jennifer Esterline’s son’s third-grade teacher asked parents to complete a questionnaire with their student’s help. One question asked about the student’s goals for the year. This made her pause to think.
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By Guest Blogger / September 9, 2015
Recently, New Orleans and Houston announced they’ve reached “functional zero” on the moving target of homeless veterans. Austin mayor Steve Adler says Austin will be the next city to honor and serve those who have served our country.
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By Guest Blogger / August 11, 2015
Austin’s growth and prosperity is creating employment, housing and transportation pressures. Guest blogger Greg Weaver, who is leading the redevelopment of the Mueller neighborhood, reflects on how the values of diversity and affordability can thrive when identified as key goals right from the start.
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By Mike Nellis / July 13, 2015
Lately, the news has been both inspiring and heartbreaking.Our founding fathers wrote these unequivocal words: all men are created equal. Yet there remains an enormous gap between our conviction that everyone is equal--and the actual experience many people have living in Austin
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By Guest Blogger / June 8, 2015
Austin was named by Forbes the best place in the country for tech jobs but data shows there aren't enough local high school students heading to college in science, technology, engineering or math. A group of community leaders, funders and tech companies aims to change that by funding quality K-12 "STEM" programs across Central Texas.
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By Mike Nellis / May 15, 2015
Something remarkable is happening in the center of Austin at this very moment and I want you to know about it.
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By Mike Nellis / April 6, 2015
Austin Community Foundation has touched nearly every corner of the city since its inception in 1977, but what are we planning for the future?
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