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Mike Nellis
Mike Nellis
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By Mike Nellis / August 17, 2018
Recently, a few vocal critics have taken to the national press to paint a one-sided and incomplete picture of donor-advised funds — a tool that provides millions of dollars annually to Austin nonprofits.
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By Mike Nellis / February 2, 2017
In 1977 a small group of community leaders envisioned Austin's future when they founded Austin Community Foundation. Since then, the Foundation has grown and evolved just as Central Texas has.
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By Mike Nellis / June 21, 2016
As Central Texas settles into summer, it’s a great time to take stock of the work we are doing together in our community. In the 18 months since I became CEO, we have accomplished a lot.
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By Mike Nellis / January 25, 2016
Recently I invited Suzi Sosa, co-founder and CEO of Verb, to lead a conversation about social innovation and entrepreneurship with representatives from local charitable foundations. Suzi is a firm believer that by 2050, most nonprofits will not look anything like they do now.
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By Mike Nellis / November 9, 2015
Great momentum comes from a clear sense of purpose. When nonprofits focus on their clear mission, they can drive significant results and impact.
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By Mike Nellis / July 13, 2015
Lately, the news has been both inspiring and heartbreaking.Our founding fathers wrote these unequivocal words: all men are created equal. Yet there remains an enormous gap between our conviction that everyone is equal--and the actual experience many people have living in Austin
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By Mike Nellis / May 15, 2015
Something remarkable is happening in the center of Austin at this very moment and I want you to know about it.
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By Mike Nellis / April 6, 2015
Austin Community Foundation has touched nearly every corner of the city since its inception in 1977, but what are we planning for the future?
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