Women’s Fund of Central Texas

Stronger women mean a better Austin.

Women's Fund of Central Texas aims to measurably improve the status of women and children in Central Texas by providing research on needs and opportunities and using that data to educate women, train women leaders and inform impactful grantmaking. A program of the Austin Community Foundation, the Women's Fund has infused more than $1,300,000 into our community through grants to nonprofits working to improve the lives of women and children.

Women helping women

In 2004, a group of community-minded women felt that the needs of women and children in our community were inadequately understood and addressed. They decided to gather forces to improve the lives of women and children in Central Texas. Their dream grew into the Women’s Fund of Central Texas, a philanthropic powerhouse leading the change for stronger women and a better Austin. While founding members include some of the most accomplished and philanthropic women in our community, a special membership level for women age 35 or under means women of all ages gather together to learn about, prioritize and invest in making Austin a better place for women and children.

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Membership to the Women’s Fund requires a minimum annual contribution of $1,200 annually ($600 for women age 35 or under).

Complete the membership form and join a powerful group of women leading change for the better in Austin. All membership contributions are tax deductible.

“It is going to take great dedication and diligence to change. It is going to take more women philanthropists, leaders and change agents for this loop many women are trapped in to change.”

– Julia Spann, SafePlace executive director


That's because women make $9,000/year less on average than men in the same jobs. Help women and children by joining the Women’s Fund of Central Texas. Because stronger women make a better Austin.

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